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Welcome to Ex’pression College! We’re a digital arts college in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, offering Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Sound Arts, Interactive Audio, Motion Graphic Design, Digital Filmmaking, Animation & Visual Effects, and Game Art & Design. If you’re an artist looking for a creative and inspirational environment to cultivate your passion, take a look at Ex’pression College!

San Francisco Bay Campus
6601 Shellmound Street
Emeryville, CA 94608
Local: 510.654.2934

Silicon Valley Campus
1751 Fox Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
Local: 408.620.3300

Crank up the volume on your future by learning audio production, music recording, mixing, live sound, and audio post-production, all in professional-grade studio environments with our Sound Arts program. You’ll also learn classic analog technology for a well-rounded education, and certifications in both Pro Tools and Logic are available as well.

Have you heard? Interactive audio is everywhere these days, and our Interactive Audio program puts the focus on audio design and music creation for video games, mobile phone technology, and interactive installations.

If you can imagine it, we can teach you to animate it. Our Animation & Visual Effects program is geared toward careers in visual effects and 3D animation for film, television, and video games. Students can also prepare for a career in the scientific visualization industry by learning 3D modeling and visualization techniques.

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San Jose is a branch campus of Ex’pression College.

"I used to be a PE teacher at a high school. I remember sitting in the theater watching "Finding Nemo" thinking "There has to be a creative career for me out there, I want to be in an environment that's as creative and professional as the guys who make these great 3d animated movies. Within a month of thinking this, I enrolled. Now, 3 years later I work at one of the companies that inspired me to change my profession.  

If you know what you want, and you’re always focused on that final goal; there’s no better place to be than to be at Ex’pression College."






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At Ex’pression College, we’re dedicated to embracing students of all means and backgrounds. Our Financial Planners are here to help make an Ex’pression education more affordable for those who qualify for scholarships and loans.
Ex’pression Scholarship
Created to support both current and incoming students who have excelled academically and who exhibit strong creative potential for a future career in the digital arts industries.
Founders’ Scholarship
A $25,000 merit scholarship awarded once each year to outstanding creative high school seniors who exhibit strong potential and drive, with an emphasis on portfolio work.
Achiever Scholarship
Grants $10,000 for one academic year only, and is designed to support students with significant financial needs.


A California Bay Area School Specializing in Audio & Visual Arts Degrees

Put your best ideas in motion with our Motion Graphic Design program, which teaches everything from traditional graphic design for print to dynamic graphics used in broadcast, film, and advertising!

Got game? Bring your game ideas to virtual life with our Game Art & Design program, and prepare yourself for a career in game development. The program mirrors a professional game development production cycle, from concept to delivery, with a focus on video game art design.

You’ve already directed several films in your own imagination, right? Now learn to create, develop, and produce motion pictures for movie screens, television, handheld devices, and the web in our comprehensive Digital Filmmaking program. Studies include camera and lighting techniques, cinematography, editing, video production, and everything else you need to turn your ideas into films.

Call: 510.654.2934

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